JimLeylandLineupCardDetroit’s win coupled with Chicago’s loss on Wednesday night meant a sizeable uptick in the Tigers’ chances to earn a spot in the postseason festivities. Two games back with 14 games to play is still a large gap, but it’s one that isn’t impossible to bridge. We could all feel that the goal of a Division Crown was more attainable after last night, but Cool Standings and Baseball Prospectus put numbers on it.

According to Cool Standings, the Tigers have a 30.7% chance of making the playoffs (broken down that’s a 27.2% chance of winning the division and a 3.6% chance of a Wild Card berth). That’s up nearly ten full percentage points from a day ago. So pretty much this: flip a coin twice. Did you get two heads? If so, the Tigers are going to win the division. Didn’t get two heads? Well there’s still about a 5% chance they get in anyway.

Baseball Prospectus is slightly more bullish on the Tigers’ chances for October. According to their playoff odds report, Detroit has a 34.9% chance of playing postseason baseball (29.4% to win the division and 5.5% for a Wild Card spot). Yesterday’s results meant a boost of just over 11% to the Tigers’ overall playoff odds. Roll a die. Did you get a one or a two? Then the Tigers are playing extra baseball. Did you get a three or higher? Well then, hopefully 2013 is a good year.

Should the Tigers pick up another game on Chicago today I would expect their playoff odds to jump another 10-15 percentage points giving them near-even money odds to reach the playoffs.

Scoreboard watching:

Tigers vs. Athletics, 1:05 PM – Tommy Milone (3.81 ERA) vs. Anibal Sanchez (4.19 ERA in the AL)

White Sox vs. Royals, 8:05 PM – Francisco Liriano (5.24 ERA) vs. Jeremy Guthrie (3.13 ERA in the AL)

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